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 Borderlands AU OOC

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PostSubject: Borderlands AU OOC   Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:25 pm

Our story begins with four brave as hell adventurers that were in search of a mystic alien vault on planet pandora rumored to be full of treasure untold, yet they were sorely disappointed to find only a doorway for pile of tentacles to pop out of, yet when they opened the vault, it caused a priceless new mineral called eridium to form on the planet. The gun company Hyperion got rich off of mining it and four new vault hunters(6 if you buy the damn DLC) took out the tyrannical owner of Hyperion, opened a new vault, and they saved pandora from being ruled by a dick. They also found a map of more vaults scattered throughout the universe.

If you ignored that Paragragh don't do it to this one you skag lick.

The second vault and it's relation to the death of one of the richest men in the universe has definately given it some fame. You can be a new vault hunter or anything.

This thread is for planning and submitting characters and recruiting.

Chao, Me, dex, and jester have been thinking of doing a manufacturer theme with this. If you would like to join in on the theme shit, make your character have a connection to a gun company, be it just liking a brand or being a worker for one. Here is some manufacturer information in no particular order.

Anshin: They are a company focused on keeping their customers alive through healing kits, instant healing vials, and shields that have ENORMOUS capacity for taking bullets. They have never made a gun in the past for sale, but that may change.

Bandit: They make guns that go "RAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKRAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKARAKA", their guns have ENORMOUS capacity for giving bullets, with magazines sometimes larger than the gun itself, though the gun is typically of poorer quality in terms of accuracy, firing rate, and damage due to them using the best materials you can find in a rusty junkyard on a planet full of creatures that regularly eat electric cacti and crap thunder. Their shields are usually crappy and have terrible capacity and recharge rate, however, they make a special "maylay shield", upon it's energy being drained and you starting to take bullets in places bullets should never go, they grant you with increased strength to your melee attacks.

Hyperion: they are a very rich corporation. They make the most accurate guns that come in two varieties: the kind that are fuckin accurate for the first few rounds and then the recoil causes it to lose it's pin point accuracy, and the kind that starts off swaying like a twig in the wind, and gets FUCKING FANTASTICALLY accurate as you fire, the recoil works in reverse for the latter. They also make amplify shields, when full, they charge a bullet with electricity causing it to seriously fuck up something it hits, at the cost of some of the charge.

Tediore: their guns are typically SLIGHTLY weaker than the other brands, but not as weak as bandit. Their magazine sizes are average. Their strength? Reloads. Everytime you reload a tediore gun, you throw it and it explodes like a grenade, and reforms in your hand. They make cheap easy shields.

S&S: they were like bandit except their guns had slightly less large magazines and were decent. They disappeared from pandora as bandit guns displaced them but may be found on other planets.

Maliwan: These guns specialize in elemental effects, each and every single gun they make has an elemental effect, meaning their bullets either burn, shock, or corrode whatever they touch. Their guns are also generally slightly more powerful than other brands. They make shields that are immune to elements.

Jakobs: They will never make an elemental weapon, yet they have the strongest guns out of all the manufacturers, the largest stopping power, and they have a fire rate that would rival a vladof if the owner could fire press the trigger fast enough. They have high recoil, small magazines, and high accuracy for the first shot, and carry a cowboy like quality with them. They typically don't make shields.

Vladof: they make the guns that go, "DAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKADAKA", the difference between them and bandit? Smaller magazines and faster fire rates, and decent all around quality. Fire rate is their specialty, and the longer you hold down the trigger, the faster they shoot. They generally aren't known for their shields.

Dahl: their guns carry the lowest recoil in the world, and while they are aimed, they fire bullets in burst. Good all around guns. Subpar shields.


And this concludes your tour of the gun companies.


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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands AU OOC   Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:10 pm

Eyyyyyyy, here is the app



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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands AU OOC   Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:04 am

Full Name: Torial Reseem
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 5 ft 5 in, 125 lbs
Birthdate: April 11
Age: 11 sweeps (23 years)

Physical appearance: Torial has gray skin, black hair and horns, each about four inches long. He is short and thin, awkward in the way that he carries himself because his social skills are mediocre at best. He is very lightly muscled, sort of like a swimmer but thinner.

Torial wears a black button-up shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows with an olive green tie. In addition he wears a dark pinstriped vest with his symbol printed on the left breast. He is always wearing black leather gloves (unless he needs info from somebody and intends to take it). He keeps himself very clean at all times, obsessively in fact (this is also evident at his home where everything is spotless). If Torial knows he will be in combat, he adorns a dark gray bullet-proof vest with his symbol on the front, also in his blood color. (This is in case his shield fails and needs some extra protection).

Personality: Torial is intelligent, and I mean extremely intelligent. This is partly due with a slight obsession to be the smartest guy in the room, and can quickly become competitive if he believes his intelligence is threatened. Torial is a textbook sociopath, lacking in empathy but still isn't violent by nature. He prefers to outsmart his adversaries than outgun them, but will have no qualms to do so if he is brought to it. He has an eidetic memory and remembers everything he's ever experienced from the time he was two sweeps old and on.

He's very quick to think and doesn't like to dawdle, he sees it as a waste of time. He likes secrets: not keeping them, knowing them. Using them to his advantage and he loves to discover other peoples' secrets. He's extremely curious and always wants to know what's going on, to the point where if he can't figure out he gets extremely frustrated. To complement this, Torial has an ability that seems unique to him even among trolls. He is able to absorb information through physical contact.

Despite his lack of empathy, Torial actually does try his best to be friendly but will sometimes say something really rude or offensive because he has no concept of understanding someone else's feelings. He smiles and tries to play nice whenever he can, but is completely without remorse in even the worst of situations. If he feels like he may have said something in appropriate, he always makes a point to try and apologize.

Backstory: Torial was born on Alternia and raised by his lusus until he was six sweeps old when it was killed by a group of raiders. Fleeing his home's attackers, he escaped into the inner city of the planet's capital and spent his adolesence on the streets either stealing or, in more desperate times, freelancing as a male prostitute (though this was an extremely rare occurrence). At nine sweeps, he enlisted for the Alternian Army but was discharged soon after his basic training because he failed his psych evaluation. The army valued violence, but Torial was rather tame but also a clear sociopath who would not be easy to manipulate.

Now trained in combat and marksmanship, Torial was able to construct a ship out of spare parts (his mechanical skills stolen from an army engineer) that got him around for some time and began making a small income as a freelance bounty hunter/treasure hunter. His ship was later destroyed while visiting Pandora in search of the Vault and has been stranded there ever since.

Eye color: Olive Green

Strengths: Intelligent, Fearless, Adaptable
Weaknesses: Risky, Rude, Unempathetic
Fears/Insecurities: His only fear is death itself
Likes: Reading, Exploring, Watching TV
Dislikes: When he can't solve a problem, untidiness, lack of hygiene
Driving force: To find the Vault out of spite for those who beat him to the first two.
Hobbies: Assembling and disassembling his guns, reading, gathering information from others

Class: Hunter
Preferred Weapon Manufacturer: Maliwan
Preferred Weapon Type: Pistol (Corrosive Element) or SMG (Fire Element)

Home Planet: Alternia

Combat Tactics: Torial has two basic ways of approaching a violent situation. If it's a low number of targets, he will pick them off as quickly as possible with his pistol. If it's a group of four or more, however, he will stay behind cover and use his military training and take them out with his SMG. He rarely uses grenades or any kinds of explosives unless absolutely necessary.

Action Skill: Torial wears a pair of Maliwan gloves powered with the Shock element. By using his skill, he can do one of two things: channel the gloves through his gun to either A) Enhance a shock-element weapon or mix with a corrosive or fire-element weapon. The other option is to touch someone with the glove and use it as a sort of tazer.

Describe your character in three words: Highly functioning sociopath (I'M SORRY I HAD TO)
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: His pistol and a knife

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: Torial wishes he could understand other peoples' emotions.
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Unperishables, mostly, in case he can't pay his electric bill.

Other: NOP



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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands AU OOC   Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:28 pm

Full Name: Vlad Ghezzo
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 5'9, 150
Age: 19
Physical appearance: he is a tall and scrawny thing with an outfit consisting of a form fitting thick brown cotton coat with a bullet casings acting as bullets, patched up black pants, a long flowing black scarf that has a red vladof star on the end. His boots are black leather with metalic crosses on the back behind the ankle. His hair is black and messy and roughly swayed to the left side. He has sharp eyebrows.

Personality: He is a coward at heart and makes no attempt to hide it, and avoids all conflict unless he has overwhelming odds on his side. Self preservation is his most valued virtue. He is an angry person, and likes picking out what pisses him off around him as a past time when he has nothing to do. Because he is afraid of death so much, he really, truly desires friends, so he lives longer, and he likes to keep them alive as they would do the same for him if they were less of a dick than he was. He hates control.
Backstory: he was born on planet nemesis, the origin of the vladof company. This planet is perpetually in Cival war between the rich upperclass and the and numerous upperclass, and vlad has been around this war his whole life. Running was his favorite way of survivng as they barely had enough money in his community to supply him a shield. He blamed the upperclass for the war and from a young age has been a proud supporter of the vladof corporation. His grandmother had always predicted he would enjoy vladof growing up, and named him after them. For a life of loyalty, they rewarded him with a powerful gun, named, the vladof LANCE. After being captured for leading a bloody raid against Hyperion forces, he was sent to a pandora prison and vowed to find a vault, the thing that gave Hyperion power, so he can turn the tide in war at his home.
Eye color: Hazel
Symbol: two gun magazines forming a cross.
Strengths: he runs fast.
Weaknesses:he is runs away a lot.
Fears/Insecurities: anything dangerous.
Likes:vladof, snow, and strong things, freedom.
Dislikes: oppression, hot places.
Driving force: to find the vault, to save his people.
Hobbies: cooking things that used to fly.
Class: impaler
Preferred Weapon Manufacturer: Vladof
Preferred Weapon Type: sniper rifles or assault rifles.
Home Planet: Nemesis
Combat Tactics: throw all of his grenades into the group and then snipe the rest from afar, he throws all of his grenades even if it's just one enemy, and be it group or single adversary, he sweeps over the area with a thorough coating of lead from his assault rifle to make sure nothing is left alive. If he is ever in close rang and he can't run away alive, he resorts to spraying his ASSUALT rifle around in panic until all his bullets run out, and then starts kicking.
Action Skill: He digistructs the Vladof LANCE, a giant mini gun that requires the operator to take a stand on pedals, it is bigger than most turrets, and only last until all it's bullets are drained. It has 1000 bullets. Whenever it fires, it has a tremendous recoil, but it dosen't throw off the aim, it is simply transferred into knock back for vlad.
Describe your character in three words: COWARDLY FREEDOM FIGHTER
If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: a boat. Boat fuel.
If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: he would carry more bullets.
Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?:cold rations.
Other: he talks in a Russian accent common for natives of planet nemesis and he calls people he think are stupid comrade. Comrade is nemesis for "moron born from incest"

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PostSubject: Re: Borderlands AU OOC   

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Borderlands AU OOC
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