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PostSubject: Troll Lingo   Troll Lingo EmptyWed Nov 14, 2012 6:43 pm

Note: Most of these are rough guesses based on the context in which the terms are used. They could be wrong.

Ablution trap: Bathtub.
Alternia slam poetry: Rap.
Auricular sponge clots: Ears. More specifically, some part of the ears' internal anatomy.
Auspistice: An auspistice is sort of like a peacekeeper who prevents a caliginous rivalry from spiraling out of control. See troll romance for further details.
Autoerogenous shame globes: Some sort of troll sexual organs.
Beefgrub: Probably either some of insectoid Alternian livestock or the Alternian equivalent of sausage.
Block: Room.
Bone nook: Seems to be a vulgar term for a specific bodily orifice. May be synonymous with nook.
Bone bulge: Seems to be a vulgar term for some troll sexual organ (but it could be a vulgar term for a horn).
Bulge: Probably synonymous with bone bulge. Seems to be vulgar.
Cartilaginous nub: Nose.
Collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system: The sea troll equiavelent of a heart. May refer to a set of organs.
Chitinous windhole: larynx.
Cull Alternian: Kill (more specifically, be killed by Alternia's brutal, Spartanesque survival of the fittest system).
Beforan (and Feferi's personal dictionary): Adopt and coddle.
Falldown slate: Skateboard.
Filial pail: Bucket. More specifically, the sort of bucket used to store and transport the slurry used in troll reproduction.
Frond nub: Tree?
Game grub: Alternian equivalent of game cartridges, discs and USB drives.
Gander bulb: Eyeball.
Grub: A general term for insect larvae (and non-larval insectoids with neotenous, larva-like shapes). Examples include:
■Alternian insectoid livestock (see beefgrub and grubloaf).
■Baby trolls (AKA Wrigglers).
■Game grubs.
■Mother grubs.

Grubloaf: Alternian meatloaf. Made with real grubs.
Grubsauce: Troll condiment. Not clear if "grub" refers to the contents of the sauce or the dishes it's typically used on.
Hate: In addition to human hate, the troll concept of hate also includes various forms of rivalry and hostility.
Hate friend: A friend/rival of the non-romantic variety.
Hive: Home.
Hivestem: Apartment/tower.
Hoof: Foot (most likely slang)
Hoofbeast: Horse/cow/bull.
Husktop: Laptop.
Injury panel: Skateboard.
Kismesis: Rival/lover. Enemy with benefits. See troll romance for further details.
Lawnring: Yard.
Load gaper: Toilet.
Lobe stem: Brainstem.
Matesprit: Romantic partner. See troll romance for futher details.
Mating fondness: Romantic/sexual attraction in the flushed quadrant (see troll romance for details).
Moirail: Moirails are sort of like close friends who calm eachother down and keep eachother out of trouble. See troll romance for furher details.
Musclebeast: Centaur.
Nook: Seems to be a vulgar term for a bodily orifice (could be either a general term for orifices or a term for a specific orifice).
Nub: Seems to be a general term for any blunt, rounded body part (nose, shoulder, buttocks, Karkat's horns etc.).
One wheel device: Unicycle.
Pity: Trolls use the term "pity" to refer to any emotion which doesn't fall under the umbrella of hate. Even love is classified as a form of pity.
Platonic hatred: Non-romantic human-style hatred.
Protein chute: Espophagus.
Rainbow drinker: Vampire (sort of).
Recuperacoon: Bed (sort of).
Rumble spheres: Breasts.
Respiteblock: Bedroom.
Seed flap: Probably either refers to the lips / mouth and / or some troll sexual organ.
Shadow dropper: Unknown. Probably either a term for some sort of Alternian monster, or a term used to refer to non-rainbow drinkers in rainbow drinker literature (equivalent to the term "mortals" in human vampire literature).
Shout pole: Exclamation mark.
Slurry: Troll genetic material deposited into filial pails and transported to the mother grub as part of the troll reproductive process.
Sniffnode: The nose (may refer more specifically to some part of the nose's internal anatomy).
Snuggleplane: Blanket.
Solar sweep/sweep: Alternian year. Equivalent to 2 Earth years and 2 Earth months (give or take a few days due to variable month length). Alternatively, 2.16 Earth years.
Spinal crevice: Ass.
Sponge: Brain/mind. May refer to any soft, spongey tissue (i.e., sponge clots).
Squawk blister: Voicebox.
Surprise noodle: Question mark.
Thermal hull: Fridge.
Thinkpan: Brain/skull/head.
Trolling: Chatting/trolling.
Two wheel device: Bicycle.
Wriggler: Baby troll.

If I have missed anything (which I'm sure I have) please let me know.​terminology
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