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 Copyrighting and Plagiarism Issues

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Copyrighting and Plagiarism Issues Empty
PostSubject: Copyrighting and Plagiarism Issues   Copyrighting and Plagiarism Issues EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 10:17 am

This announcement is being sent out towards people of this forum, that using someone else's work and ideas is going against the copyright acts universally and it will not be tolerated by any of us administrators & moderators.

@dexterousSurvivalist wrote:
"It has possibly come to my attention that me and perhaps everyone else around here... Are seeing people making character sheets, by using someone elses Original character designs across the internet (Mostly DA). For their own benefits in describing of what that Original character looks like. Which 'in' turn. Spells huge plagiarism on that person doing it.

I think a rule needs to be put forward that copyrights of plagiarism and for the sake of protection in other peoples rights, is becoming an issue here."

We advise you that if your using someone else's ideas for fantiers, art designs and background information.

Is that you'll have to ask that person to use the shown designs or information on display. You'll then have to be able to ask permission first. Because otherwise without permission in using it, will get you into trouble. If not followed and we've founded out on who uses that artwork. We'll ask you to take it down.

When people make artwork or written work and trade mark it with their name or a simple (C). You'll be allegedly sued for using it. But again. Ask before using it. however... If its fan work, then that's perfectly fine.

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Copyrighting and Plagiarism Issues
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