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Leo Posts : 131
Boondollars : 6862
Join date : 2014-04-15
Age : 17
Location : Land of Twilight and Reflection

PostSubject: Re: Fraymotifs   Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:21 pm

Name: Lakshima Equip

Aspect: Heart, Mind

Gridst Cost: 200 Marbel, 1000 Frosting, 2 rainbows

General Usage: Flight of up to Four people including self.

World Effect: With the lotus flowers, rose petals also fall from the sky as the lotus Flowers come.

User Effect: This Fraymotif allows the user to use lotus flowers to let others fly. The lotus flowers appear from the ground underneath their target and begin floating. The user may fly in the same lotus flower. The lotus flowers descend from the sky next to their targets. Three Lotus Flowers may come from the sky at max (users choice).

Troll OC's:
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Leo Posts : 131
Boondollars : 6862
Join date : 2014-04-15
Age : 17
Location : Land of Twilight and Reflection

PostSubject: Re: Fraymotifs   Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:44 pm

Name: Baroque Ocillation

: Doom

Boondollars (Just realized they cost boon dollars, not grist)Cost: 200,000,000

General Usage: Making weapons the enemy had fight against them.

World Effect: A circle with surround the targets (Up to two) Anything inside of the circles that could be used to destroy anything explode there. Leaving the circle burns for a moment and you'll likely flinch.

User Effect: After use the user will feel slightly faint.

Troll OC's:
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PostSubject: Re: Fraymotifs   Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:34 pm

Name: Crimson Key

Aspects: Void+Time

Boondollar Cost: 10,000,990,261

General Usage: Temporary Invincibility

World Effect: None

User Effect: Both players are granted ghost-like properties, and an immunity to anything in "space."
They are still, thanks to the fraymotif, able to do things--like mow the lawn if for some reason they want to, or fight underlings--but it only lasts three minutes in the chatbox (up to two posts in a thread, unless the creator of the thread says otherwise).
In the place of a different wicked drawback, Crimson Key has a wicked cool-down. The fraymotif becomes unusable for 24 hours in the chatbox (no less than twenty posts).
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Britches Ripper

Leo Posts : 484
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PostSubject: Re: Fraymotifs   Tue May 05, 2015 10:13 pm

This will be a longer post of the same general fraymotif, but increasingly stronger, and with higher cost.


Name: Anthem of Anger

Aspect(s): Rage, Void

Gridst Cost: Low

General Usage: Increased physical strength and endurance, temporarily. Will also result in higher damage, even with ranged weapons.

World Effect: None

User Effect: Users are enveloped by a very small mist of their blood color, becoming increasingly angry, using this as a short buff to strength and endurance, but causing their mind to be slightly clouded by it and thus, not think as well. The actual attack is executed by the Rage player, and powered by the Void. Twenty-minute cooldown, 3 or so posts. For an example, a person able to hold and withstand 100 pounds of force could now take 125.


Name: Oblivion's Reprise

Aspect(s): Rage, Void

Gridst Cost: Medium

General Usage: Strength and endurance buff for both users

World Effect: The ground around the users will crack slightly. Beware of use on glass.

User Effect: Users are enveloped in a thicker mist of their blood color, whilst also getting a stronger and more hardy for a slightly longer while, by roughly fifteen seconds more, but their minds are more clouded than ever. Three hour cooldown, seven posts. 100 to 150.


Name: Ballad of Bloodlust

Aspect(s): Rage, Void, Blood, and potentially Doom

Gridst Cost: High

General Usage: More blood for the Rage player's brutality! Fueled by all and given to all, thanks to the Blood player's joining in, everybody gains increased strength and endurance, but became to angry to even speak anymore.

World Effect: The ground begins to shake and crack considerably more.

User Effect: There is no more mist, but the player's thoughts become so clouded that they lose the ability to speak anymore, for the duration of the fraymotif, and for a few moments after. Two days cooldown, about 35 posts. 100 to 200.


Name: Melody of Mania

Aspect(s): Rage, Void, Blood, Doom

Gridst Cost: Extremely high

General Usage: Severe strength and endurance buff.

World Effect: The ground around them cracks fully and rumbles ominously, reminiscent of severe earthquake, things will fall off where they are placed, and even being near one of these players will fill make you see your own death, feel the nothing you are placed in, taste blood in your mouth and fill you with rage.

User Effect: Severe loss of thought accompanied by increased strength and endurance, from 100 to 500, what a jump! However, the users will see their own death, feel the nothing that comes after, and taste blood in their mouth, as well as the rage.


Name: Rapido Rage

Aspect(s): Rage, Void, Blood, Doom, Time, Space

Gridst Cost: SEVERELY RIDICULOUSLY EXTREMELY HIGH. As thus, is a very endgame, one-time use

General Usage: Only to be used in an emergency, this is a failsafe only possible if all 6 aforementioned aspects are still alive to do it, will rip apart the session with such force that it will flesh it inside-out, restarting the entire thing from the very beginning.

World Effect: Will restart the session as a last-resort.

User Effect: Accompanied with the reboot of the session, everyone still alive will feel absolute agony as the world is torn asunder. Also, depending on how the session started, some will cease to exist until their initial introduction.

The Nerds

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PostSubject: Re: Fraymotifs   

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